I'm so thrilled you are interested in having me capture this amazing day for you! I personally feel having the right photographer is super important, if not the most important, decision you’ll make so I’m incredibly honored you would consider me. I adore couples and would love to hear more about what makes your relationship unique. It’s so much fun to chat about the things you love to do together, how you met, and find cool ways to incorporate those into your day.

I’m here to help any way I can, so please let me know if you have additional questions. If you’d like to move forward and book, click the link below the session you want to see dates/times that are available, choose your date/time, follow the prompts to pay your deposit and fill out the contract and questionnaire. I can’t wait to meet you!

Package Options


• 2 Hours shoot time
• 1 Photographer
• All final digital photos via download
• Lease to print document



• 2 Hours shoot time
• 2 Photographers
• All final digital photos via download
• Lease to print document



• 4 Hours shoot time
• 2 Photographers
• All final digital photos via download
• Lease to print document


My Philosophy

I have a very eclectic style. I love a stunning editorial image (I mean who doesn't want to look like a supermodel?!), and I absolutely delight in authentic, candid moments as well. I want the raw emotion, not the "say cheese" stuff. I want to capture each person and the essence of who they are. Showcasing your life adventure, in a way that reaches the depths of your soul, is what drives everything I do.

If there is a way I can help your session run smoothly and stress free, I’ll do it! Anything from deciding locations to outfits and props. Scheduling a Zoom consultation is a great way to start. Your photos will be the perfect reminder of this incredible time in your life, and having a plan in place helps make this happen.

When you hire SHP, you aren’t just getting a photographer, you are getting a helping hand and a friend. Your session is super important to me and you deserve the very best experience, photos and products I can deliver.


What is your turn around time?

My standard turn around times vary according to type of session and what season we're in. Most portrait sessions are ready for viewing within two to three weeks.

How many images will be in our gallery?

You can anticipate seeing around 50-100 edited photos per hour that I shoot. Keep in mind that every session is unique. Some clients may want more groupings or multiple outfit changes so the total amount of images will vary.

The amount of digital photos you get to download depends on the package you purchase.

What happens if we have bad weather?

Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn't always like to cooperate with our schedules and if you know anything about the weather, you know it can change on a dime. The day of our session, I will watch the hourly forecast very closely and if it looks like we may not be able to shoot, I will reach out to see if you'd still like to do the session or if you'd prefer to reschedule. If you're from out of town, we'll need to find an indoor location to shoot at.

Is the session/reservation fee refundable?

Session/reservation fees are required in full at time of booking and are not refundable. Depending on the circumstance, we may be able to reschedule your session. Once you’ve booked a session, that date is no longer available for other clients so the fees cover the financial loss of not being able to book with someone else.

Will you photoshop me and take off 10lbs?

Accepting ourselves the way we are can be so freeing! I’ve realized it’s more important to enjoy the moment than to worry about being perfect. While I do clean up blemishes on the digitals you choose for your package, I am a naturalist so I do not liquify bodies or clean up wrinkled outfits. I believe planning ahead with outfits and using proper angles, lighting and genuine interaction is the key to making you look your absolute best!

Fake is bad, real is fab!

Who owns the copyright?

USA copyright law states the creator of the image is the owner. So, even though I will hold the copyright to the images, this doesn’t mean you can’t print or post them. You will be given a "Lease to Print" document that allows this. Copyright law ensures that no one else can share or claim ownership for my work. It also ensures that my work remains intact (no cropping or editing the images is allowed).