OK was more than OK!

I never would have considered myself to be a travel bug. For so many years we did good just to get food on the table so "travel" was rarely going to happen. As a child my family went camping every year (the spoiled, RV kind) and I LOVED it! However, my sweet hubby never got to experience that so it never carried over into our family when our kiddos were little. Not that we could have afforded an RV or any kind of creature comforts like tents, sleeping bags, cook stoves, and all that other paraphernalia. Plus, we moved to Texas when they were all under the age of 6yrs old so wrangling littles, gear, heat, humidity.... none of that was conducive to doing much traveling.

Now that the kids are out of the house and we have been debt free for a few years now, we have been able to take a few trips here and there. My favorite so far was Alaska for our 25 anniversary. I'm so ready to go back! If you haven't ever gone, I HIGHLY recommend doing so as soon as you can. You won't regret it.

I grew up in Albuquerque, NM and lived a good chunk of that time in the Manzano Mountains. It is safe to say, the mountains stole my heart! Moving to the Hill Country was a challenge (leaving my family, tornado watches, hail, scorpions, tarantulas, triple digit heat, humidity, no mountains, gah!). There are so many reasons why we are thrilled to be in Texas but I won't lie, my heart is still clinging to the mountains to an extent.

I've recently been following several travel Instagram accounts and the mountains God has placed in this world are INSANELY GORGEOUS! I always felt I had seen a lot as a kid but I've realized I have not really seen anything in my life, lol! I was floored there was such beautiful hiking trails and mountains in of all places, Oklahoma! Oh Lolly, there is DEFINITELY more travel happening in my future!