What is an Adventure Elopement?

Sparrow’s Heart is now offering adventure elopements! You may be wondering what that is and why in the world you would ever want to do such a thing. Full on weddings can be extremely stressful. Worrying about all the details like venue, cake, flowers, cutting back your guest list, theme, colors, kids/no kids allowed, and don’t forget, all the $$$$$ you end up spending... you have to wonder if all the fuss is worth it.

Would you like to go somewhere amazing for your honeymoon but can't afford to do that AND the big wedding? Why not find a spectacular place to elope and honeymoon at and let's create the most epic photos of your special day ever. Your marriage journey can start with the adventure of a lifetime. IMHO, unique elopements are the way to go!

If you're uncertain if an adventure elopement is for you, the Huff Post has a fabulous article you might want to check out. They definitely have some great points that might help you decide if it's a good fit.

After planning my own wedding (many, many moons ago), helping friends and family plan their weddings, helping my daughter plan hers and being a part of photographing so many weddings, I've come to one conclusion... I think everyone should start their marriage off right by keeping it about the main thing. Their love for one another, and an elopement is the perfect way to accomplish this 💕